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Cyclone Type Dust Collector

Polvent water evaporating type cooling system is one of the most reliable & efficient by which the atmospheric air gets cool and pumped into the department through GI duct. & Grills. Due to negative pressure created by the fan the atmospheric air enter through pre-filter into the cooling media (may be spary type or pad type). Where the air gets cool near to wet bulb temperature of water adiabatic. Further the cool air pumped into the department through GI dict & double deflection Grill with volume control damper.
  • Size : 400 mm to 1800 mm dia 300 mm to 1600 mm
  • Capacity : 1500 Qubic /hr. to 25000 Qubic/ hr
  • Advantage : Low initial cost & maintenance , Simple Construction and Operation5 mm WG to 60 mm WG.
  • Dis-advantage : Low collection efficiency for the particle less than 10 micron.
  • Application : Grinding , Buffing , Kiln, Cement mfg. , Feed and Grain Processing, Wooden working, Rock Crushing etc.

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